Quality for your kitchen!

Miller’s Country Store has a large selection of Housewares to choose from. We offer Crow Canyon Enamelware and Clay City Pottery. We also offer our favorite houseware items including aprons, measuring cups, baking pans and only the best products that we use for our friends and family.


We’ve come to love many of NorPro’s quality products and use them daily in our kitchen here at Miller’s Country Store.  From measuring cups and spoons to rolling pins and biscuit cutters. Butter keepers, and cheese slicers to hamburger choppers, and citrus juciers. Pepper mills and garlic presses to dishtowels and cutting boards. Are you getting the picture? Lots of eclectic kitchen gadgets!

Clay City Pottery

Clay City Pottery is made by a hands on process, but they aren’t completely hand thrown. It has been their family’s way of producing pottery since early in the 1930’s. Each piece of pottery still has its own unique characteristics as a handmade item should. Many items available at Miller’s Country Store. These pieces are dishwasher safe, durable, oven safe and can be handed down through your family for generations.

Crow Canyon Enamelware

Producing the classic splatterware pattern since 1977, Crow Canyon Home has the largest variety of enamelware in the world. Whether you’re looking for striking servingware, a durable set to bring camping, or chic tableware for everyday use, there’s a chic piece of enamelware out there for everyone. Check out the latest press and see why our unique product is building such a great reputation.

Rada Cutlery

Long lasting sharp edge knives with lifetime warranty! Super high quality cutlery at an affordable price. Our family favorite for generations. All types and sizes of knives available at Miller’s Country Store.

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