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Berlin Gardens Furniture is made from 95% recycled material!

Plastic is sorted to ensure the highest quality, then is ground, washed, melted and cooled to produce purified plastic pellets. After being tested again, pellets get remelted and extruded into precision-cut poly lumber.


Berlin Gardens Furniture comes with a 20 year warranty!

Their team of Amish craftsmen combine old-world skills with modern technology and a commitment to doing the job right that produces results that will last a lifetime. You’ll find extra value engineered in their products like welded aluminum frames under the tables and thicker support pieces to ensure lasting durability. 

Maintinence Free

Poly lumber makes strong, comfortable outdoor furniture without the hassles typically associated with upkeep. It’s easy to care for, needs no painting and can withstand even harsh weather.


The newest addition to the family. Clean design. Timeless appeal. A stylish blend of east-coast charm and modern-day durability.


Rounded chair backs cradle you in luxurious comfort and ease your cares away as you relax and unwind in a Comfo-Back chair or chaise. Choose from a rainbow of juicy bright colors or an array of beautifully subdued earth tones to enhance your outdoor living areas with style.


A distinctively shaped chair back gives the Cozi-Back Collection a decidedly dramatic shape and inviting style. From dining and bar chairs to swings and gliders in your choice of colors, every Cozi-Back promises you years of casual, comfortable carefree living.


Lumbar Support for poolside chairs and porch swings. Enjoy the view longer in seating meant to keep you comfortable.

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