Our “Take Home” meals are made with fresh ingredients and local meats provided by Woods Meats. We offer different portion sizes for different size families. Easy, delicious and healthy. See several of our choices below.

Bacon Topped Meatloaf

Price: $17.50 (serves 4-6)

Who doesn’t love bacon. Our hearty and flavorful meatloaf is made with only the finest ingredients, which includes Woods Meats ground beef and hearty helping of tasty bacon.

Bacon Covered Meatloaf

Chicken Enchiladas

Price: 2-3 Servings $10.00, 4-6 Servings $15.00

An old Miller Family favorite! Fresh tortillas filled with chicken chunks, cheese and sour cream and herbs. Topped with homemade spicy enchilada sauce.

Take Home Chicken Enchiladas

Zesty Lasagna

Price: 2-3 Servings $10.00, 6-8 Servings $18.00
This recipe was carefully developed for our daughters wedding. It remains a Miller’s Family favorite to serve to people we love. We call it our special wedding lasagna. We start with fresh pasta and layer it with our homemade beef Italian marinara sauce, four cheeses and béchamel sauce.


Veggie Lasagna

Price: 2-3 Servings $10.00, 6-8 Servings $18.00

A rich lasagna with fresh vegetables, mushrooms, white wine in the perfect marinara sauce layered with fresh pasta, four cheeses and béchamel sauce.


Weight Watchers Chicken Enchiladas

Price: 2-3 Servings $10, 4-6 Servings $15

Delicious Chicken, brown rice, parmesan cheese rolled in tortillas and topped with our homemade enchilada sauce.


Beef Stroganoff

Price: 2-3 Servings $10.00, 4-6 Servings $15.00
Quality Roast Beef with a rich mushroom sauce and a hint of sour cream over homemade noodles.


Chicken Noodle Casserole

Price: 2-3 Servings $10.00, 4-6 Servings $15.00

Perfect comfort food. Chunks of chicken in a smooth cheesy sauce over homemade noodles topped with buttered cracker crumbs.

Pizza Crust and Pizza Sauce

Price: $4.00

Our perfected recipe of flavorful crust that is partially baked for your convenience. It comes with our carefully cooked pizza sauce ready for you to add your favorite toppings and pop in the oven at 490 degrees for 6-10 minutes!

Sticky Bun Cinnamon Rolls

Price: $6.50

Easy to bake and delightful to eat! The perfect blend of rich cinnamon roll dough and our own sticky goo to run down over the rolls when you take them out of the oven. With or without pecans…



Price: $15 for ready made pies and $14 for frozen pies (some specialty pies may cost more – please Contact Us for more information)

My grandmother’s carefully handmade, flaky crusts filled with homemade fruit fillings. We offer cherry, apple, peach, marionberry on a regular basis. You can order huckleberry ahead.

Take Home Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Price: $6.75

Our own chocolate chip cookie dough can be baked in your kitchen and all the wonderful aroma can fill your house!

Cookie Dough

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