Crow Canyon Home offers the largest selection of enamelware items, colors and patterns in the U.S. – timeless good looks, enduring quality, a true classic for the collector and homemaker alike. Miller’s Country Store carries a large selection of bowls, bake-ware, serving-ware and many other items used for cooking in the kitchen or outdoors.

Our enamelware is the worry-free alternative to glass, plastic or paper plates and cups.

-Enamelware is safer than glass because it’s shatterproof.
-Enamelware can be used in an oven or on the grill where plastic can’t.
-Enamelware is reusable, more practical than paper goods, and better for our environment.

Plus, enamelware provides perfect conductivity and consistent heat for more uniform and predictable results. Perhaps this is why Crow Canyon Home is America’s premier wholesale supplier of high-quality, classic tableware that as been used and collected for generations. Find your perfect collection here at Miller’s Country Store.

Crow Canyon 2017 Catalog

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